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We pride ourselves on our ability to produce the highest quality of code. All pieces of code go through meticulous review to ensure high standards and code familiarity among members.

We are flexible collaborators. Whether by phone, email, chat, skype, teamviewer, telegraph or carrier pigeon, we’re always available to communicate in whatever way makes the most sense for the project and for our clients.

We are an all stacks dev shop having worked with .NET, PHP and Java in the past. Our clients have final say on the tech we use in their project. At the same time we’re always happy to discuss advantages and disadvantages since no two technologies are the same.

We treat our clients like team members. As partners, we ensure your success through collaborative brainstorms and experience-sharing, always putting our best suggestions forward openly and unconditionally. Your success is our success, and we believe that sharing our accomplishments together fosters a stronger sense of cooperation.






Victor Irzak

Founder & CTO

Ryan Audet

Software Architect

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